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Doctoral Candidate from Tokyo Metropolitan University is guest at HFR

Veröffentlicht am: 21. Juni 2017

Mr. Kantaro Takahashi is currently visiting the HFR. He is a doctoral candidate at the Graduate School of Urban Environmental Science in Tokyo and does his PHD-thesis on macro-economic effects of tourism. His stay in Germany is supported by a scholarship from the Government of Tokyo.
At the HFR he is working with Prof. Dr. Monika Bachinger and Hannes Rau. Together they research on the question as to how national parks may contribute to the internationalization of tourism guest structures. The starting point is the assumption that national parks are international brands and thus may help to attract not only more domestic but also international guests. On the basis of statistical data from selected regions in Germany, it will be examined whether the tourism arrivals of foreign guests have increased after a national park was established. Secondly, it will be examined whether there are differences in the demand for national park products of international guests, which are grouped according to cultural and/or language affiliation. "The stay at the HFR opens up new perspectives on tourism in rural areas” so Mr. Takahashi: “I also learn the German language and give classes for students at the University of Tübingen; the stay really allows for a lot of good experiences”.