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The University of Applied Forest Sciences Rottenburg is modern, innovative and practically oriented. Straightforward decision pathways and interdisciplinary teamwork is characteristic. Our students enjoy the pleasant atmosphere and the personal collegiality. The educational content of our degrees is oriented around the demands of the job market for leaders. The HFR offers multidisciplinary solutions for development in the areas of forestry, timber industry, nature and environmental protection, landscape planning and water management. The material and energetic utilisation of (forest-) biomass, dealing with water as a limited resource, as well as taking part in international development collaborations are all of fundamental importance.

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Application procedure for students from our ERASMUS partner universities


Application Documents
To apply please submit:

Please send the complete application package by


e-mail to or


by regular mail to


Hochschule für Forstwirtschaft Rottenburg, International Office, Corinna Klett, Schadenweilerhof, 72108 Rottenburg, Germany


Deadlines for applications
1 st June for the fall/winter semester (study period starting in October)
1 st November for the spring/summer semester (study period starting in March)


The student-residence is located down town and administered by the Studentenwerk Tuebingen. Prices range between 230 and 240 Euro per month for a single room.
Application for student-residences via online application form on:



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